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Japan House hosting Hinatmatsuri event

Japan House will be celebrating Hinatmatsuri, or Girls’ Day, with a craft event on March 6th from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased for $5.

From Japan House on Hinatmatsuri:

Traditionally in Japan, households with daughters set up a tiered platform covered with festive red feltand display about fifteen richly costumed dolls. The emperor and empress preside over their courtesans, attendants and servants on the steps below. Their ornate costumes represent the flamboyant robes of the Heian court (794-1191). The sets also include miniature-lacquered furniture, musical instruments, an ox-drawn carriage, tables set with sweets and tiny orange and peach trees. Japan House’s set of Hina dolls will be on display during this event and through the month of March.

Japan House will celebrate Hinatmatsuri with a craft session. Participants will have a chance to create cherry blossom stamped postcards, create an ikebana (Japanese floral design) arrangement, origami and more! They will also hear from the Japan House interns about the history of Hinamatsuri and how it is celebrated in Japan. The afternoon is geared toward girls, but all are welcome for the crafts. Children up to 12 can be dressed in yukata (a lightweight kimono) as well! They can get their picture taken with some the Japan Illini Club Scholars who will be dressed in formal kimono, much as the Hina dolls are.

Anybody participating in the crafts and/or yukata must purchase a ticket for $5. Go to our Eventbrite profile page to purchase a ticket for this, or for any other upcoming Japan House ticketed events.

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