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It’s National Pizza Day, so tell us about your favorite C-U pizzas

It’s National Pizza Day, and in C-U we have a lot of options for pizza. If we’re being honest, not all of the options are awesome; some are definitely superior. 

For example: I’ve written too many times about my love for the Diavola at Pizzeria Antica, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like or appreciate other options (this one, too).

What are your favorite slices, toppings, and pizzerias? Are you a die-hard Spotted Goat stan, or do you like to experiment with non-traditional toppings like mac and cheese? Meat or veggies? Tavern style or Detroit style? Vinny’s or Manolo’s or Del’s? We want to know.

Email us your favorite pizzas in Champaign-Urbana. We might just be baking up some pizza article ideas. 

You can also leave comments on our social media pages. 

Top image by Jessica Hammie.

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