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It’s (more) official: KAM’s is moving to First and Green

Back in January, news started to leak out that KAM’s, one of the staple bars on campus at the University of Illinois, would be moving from its longtime home at 618 E. Daniel Street in Champaign. Though there wasn’t a proper confirmation from developers or the City of Champaign, it was pretty clear that the bar, as well as establishments like Espresso Royale, would be altered in some way due to the developments going in on that block in Campustown.

Today, The News-Gazette has reported that paperwork has been filed by developers for a building permit, which you can see here and below:

Screenshots here showcasing permit numbers, location, and description of future establishment from City of Champaign’s website

Though the permits are still under review by the City of Champaign, this showcases that KAM’s does intend to be rebuilt at this location on Green and First Street in Champaign. What the new design looks like, and when it will open/be completed, remain to be confirmed.

618 E Daniel St

Top photo by Steve Pratten

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