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In Case You Missed It: July 27-31

The week is coming to a close, and you’ve surely been busy all week — so I’ll continue what did on a whim last week, which was recapping some highlights from SP from our group of writers and editors.

Q&A with Kenna Mae by Maddie Rehayem

Kenna Mae Reiss is one of the more talented musicians I’ve seen in quite a while here in C-U, which isn’t being negative towards talent that exists here — she’s just straight up incredible. Maddie put together a piece and spoke with Kenna Mae about a variety of things, and if you haven’t done so, please do check out her music or one of her live performances. She’s captivating. 

GirlZone rides again by Rebecah Pulsifer

This is a terrific event taking place this weekend only in Urbana at the IMC, which has been set up to create opportunities for girls in the community. Rebecah spoke with some of the organizers, and they discuss the workshops (soldering, zines, dancing, more), and the full schedule of events (live music included). 

Shades launches Shady Dawgs Kickstarter campaign by Patrick Singer

OK, so yes — I totally put this SPlog post together as well, but this turned out to be kind of a big deal, as Mark Hartstein, aka Shades, decided he was going to launch a Kickstarter to start up his hot dog cart. He’s almost reached his goal in just a few days, which is pretty remarkable. A good spot in the SPlog from this week.

Catching up with Hopscotch by Jess Hammie

Kaya Tate is kind of a badass, and her creations are spectacular. You’ve probably seen her name and/or Hopscotch on SP previously, but this is a proper feature that Jess did earlier this week. If you’re interested in the latest (and coolest) creations food-wise, do yourself a favor and check that one out that was featured on Thursday.

Good on you, Urbana by Boswell Hutson

There’s going to be a new Broadway Market in Downtown Urbana soon, which totally rules — and if you missed it, read more about it from Boswell’s piece which ran midweek. TIF funding from the City of Urbana is going to make that possible, or at least kickstart the process.

Tim Beckman says weird stuff at Big Ten Media Day by Tom Pauly

Tim Beckman continues to be a complete doofus.


Of course, there’s plenty more to see from the past week. Hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve published, or not. That’s fine, too. Thanks for reading regardless.

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