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Illinois Theatre to present “kitchen sink style” production

In its recent social media announcement, Illinois Theatre shared that “kitchen sink theatre” began “in United Kingdom following World War II as playwrights left the British drawing room setting to feature the hopeless outlook of the working class after the war, with the plays often taking place in the kitchen.” 

Beginning on April 14th, Illinois Theatre will livestream Great Scenes from American Kitchen Theatre, featuring “scenes from four kitchen sink theatre plays, all set in America between the early 20th century to present with a diversity of playwrights, characters, actor, ethnicities, and genders,” and will include scenes from the following works: 

August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson by August Wilson
Curse of the Starving Class by Sam Shephard
Night, Mother by Marsha Norman
References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot by José Rivera

Get more information here.

Top photo from Illinois Theatre’s Facebook page.

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