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If you want to go bowling, Illini Union Rec Room is the place to do it

I’ll be honest, bowling is one of those activities that I haven’t even thought about since the beginning of the pandemic. Did I really used to stick my fingers into a bowling ball and my feet into shoes that have been used by the masses? Not to mention the whole hanging out indoors thing.

However, when my vaccinated self heads back into the bowling alley, the lanes at the Illini Union seem like a good place to start. The U of I has been on top of COVID procedures in university buildings, and the Illini Rec Room is no exception. You can check out the Rec Room protocols here. Rates are $5 per game for the general public; U of I students and those affiliated with the U of I pay a bit less. 

Find out about all of the things to do in the Illini Union Rec Room here.

Top photo from Illini Union Rec Room Facebook page.

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