Smile Politely

If I could direct your attention to R. Kelly, please…

Just so you can’t claim that you didn’t know, there will be two screenings of the R. Kelly “hip-hopera” Trapped in the Closet this weekend at The Art Theatre Co-op. This Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4, at midnight, get your ersatz gangster on with like-minded film lovers. Per the Art website

“Over the years, some audiences have hailed Trapped as the “Plan 9 From Outer Space of music videos,” while others have recognized it as the masterpiece from our generation’s greatest living R&B legend. But whichever camp you fall into, one thing is certain – there will be no better cinematic event this year than singing and dancing and playing with props in a theater full of other R. Kelly fans at the fully interactive R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet Sing-Along.”

You might have noticed, the Art’s statement, the mention of “props.” The website does mention R. Kelly brand condoms and a special…yellow…drink. A word to the wise: maybe a poncho?

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