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I visited Dewey’s Drive-In last weekend and was not disappointed

Have you visited Dewey’s Drive-In yet? It’s in Farmer City, just a 30-minute drive from Champaign-Urbana. We’ve covered Dewey’s before, but it’s worth revisiting, especially because we’ve only talked about the ice cream.

My husband and I made the trip with two friends, and with our car chitchat we were there in no time at all. We ordered individual burgers and a handful of sides to share. I got the standard cheeseburger ($4.40; double $5.10). Among the four of us we shared fries ($2.05), onion rings ($4.10), and sweet potato tots ($2.05).

The burger was fantastic. It was delicious. The edges were nice and crispy, and the cheese was melty, and because it’s made to your liking, it had exactly what I wanted on it (ketchup, mustard, extra pickles). This is a burger that would have undoubtedly made our Best Burgers list, had we expanded the geographic criterion.

The fries were perfect, and those onion rings were exactly what I wanted. The tots were also great. If you’re going to share fries, don’t. Just get your own. Everyone will be happier that way.

As much as I loved the burger, the highlight of my meal was the ice cream. Soft serve vanilla is my absolute favorite type of ice cream, and it’s nearly impossible to find around here. Dewey’s soft serve is creamy and delicious, and really taps into feelings of nostalgia I desperately try to tamp down. A small cup ($2.50) with rainbow sprinkles was my choice, but I’m eager to return for vanilla in a cup with hot fudge and/or butterscotch. Because I cannot help myself, and for research, I ordered a vanilla ice cream sandwich, too ($2.50). It was wonderful. The cookie was perfect.

Make a little date of heading to Dewey’s Drive-In for some burgers and ice cream this week. You won’t be disappointed. There’s limited indoor seating, a handful of covered outdoor seating, and you can pack with cash or credit ($0.75 service fee).

Dewey’s Drive-In
620 E Richardson St
Farmer City
11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Photos by Jessica Hammie

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