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HUM not making jack from that Astronaut reissue

Well this is super depressing news from HUM’s Matt Talbott –

The new re-issue vinyl copies currently available for pre-order from Shop Radio are the result of a manufacturing and distribution deal between SRC and Sony that is in violation of Hum’s contract with RCA. We didn’t approve any of it and we won’t make a nickel off of it. Neither party informed us it was happening and neither seems to care about our thoughts on the matter. Just thought you should know what you’re getting there.

Talbott had fairly good things to say about his major label experience last September. I’m guessing this might have soured his views.

On to the the good news. You can actually support a great local band and get vinyl copies of its unbelievably great records through Earth Analog:

Original vinyl pressings of Hum’s “You’d Prefer an Astronaut” will be available here around February 25. Copies will include a limited edition and completely exclusive 12″ x 12″ Jay Ryan re-interpretation of the cover. Super excited about this. Haven’t seen what Jay came up with yet, but I know it will be cool! More details to follow. We are very happy to finally make these available to all of our kind fans. Thanks for your patience!  – mt

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