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How to eat brunch at Destihl

Last week I went to Destihl for brunch and here is what I would reccomend if you are going. 

1. Order the french toast as an appetizer with extra syrup. This dish was made to be an appetizer, not a meal. It is 4 rolls of bread covered in syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream. It is nice to eat one, but having 4 in a row would get boring. 

2. If you order the maple glazed ham and egg sandwhich, cut it in half. The warm delicious yolk will be freed for you to dip your sandwich into. 

3. This is the cast iron baked eggs. If you want a more traditional breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast) go for the Destihl breakfast. For me, the egg was overcooked, and the potatoes with bread is just too many carbohydrates. Next time I will be doing the more traditional route. 

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