Smile Politely

How Sweet It Is

Cupcakes. Cocktails. CUDO. Mix the three, and poof! A delicious confection of design goodness. As the featured artist at Cakes on Walnut, CUDO (the Champaign-Urbana Design Org) showcased 125 entries from community designers at the Boneyard Arts Festival on Thursday night.

The art, available for purchase at just $10 a pop, comprised a diverse array of approaches, from the techniques of Piet Mondrian to styles reminiscent of movie posters, “magic eye” illustrations, and faux letterpress. Each piece looked as if the artist had an absolute blast making it. The show’s format made for multiple participants and stylish, affordable artwork—and a DJ provided the icing on the cake.

Hungry for more? Sample a portion of the entries at

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