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Homemade ice cream for summer at Cafe&Co

Earlier this month, Bar M hosted an ice cream social, but the goodness did not stop there. Like last year, Cafeteria & Co. will be offering homemade ice cream throughout the summer. 

This stuff is truly homemade, you can tell from the soft yet rough texture and the incredible creaminess. I don’t know if it is made in-house, but someone very close to here has created this frozen treat because it wouldn’t survive a very long journey. 

Another tell that the batches are small and handcrafted is the flavor — pictured is Huckleberry. Oh yeah, clearly there are no dyes or artificial colors added. Last year, I sampled such delights as honey-golden-raisin-walnut, cinnamon, and something else really odd in honor of Game of Thrones. They usually have an amazing vanilla and chocolate as well. 

They also offer it as affogato: an espresso shot poured over the ice cream, but usually the homemade quality means the soft scoops don’t stand up to the heat of the coffee. Here’s my favorite thing to do, though, when the ice cream and cookie flavors align: 2 gingersnaps (or snickerdoodles) at 75c each, and a bowl of ice cream. BAM! Homemade ice cream sandwich that is just the right size, for $3.50 + tax & tip. 

This article has been brought to you by the initiative for Jarling’s alternatives, a cause I personally believed in even before they were bought & sold twice over. 

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