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High-speed rail in Illinois moving forward, Champaign stop in the mix

There’s been talk of a high-speed train being developed and built out in Illinois for quite some time, but according to Time Out Chicago, things could be happening fairly soon. The rail would connect Chicago to Champaign — making a trip from Union Station to Champaign a mere one hour. That’s bananas.

From the article

The Illinois Senate passed a resolution on Sunday urging Governor Bruce Rauner and IDOT to prepare “an investment grade ridership analysis” for such a high-speed rail project. If acted upon, the resolution could bring about a study capable of attracting federal and private investments that would help bring the Midwest’s rail system into the 21st century. It also calls upon Congress to pony up $2.5 billion for the project.

Check out the map:

This would be an incredible jump forward for transportion in Illinois, no doubt about it. Though it is interesting to see that the Illinois Senate is “urging” Governor Rauner to prepare for it. We shall see.

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