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Here’s a reminder that you can ship Papa Del’s pizza

This is a transient town. There are many many people out there in the rest of the world that have spent a moment or longer here in Champaign-Urbana, mostly because of the university. Chances are, if a person lived here for any amount of time, they have a soft spot for Papa Del’s pizza. 

Since we are in the season of gift giving, perhaps you know one of these people who would appreciate receiving their very own Papa Del’s pizza that they could pop in their oven and have a taste of their former home.

Papa Del’s ships their pizzas overnight, packed in dry ice. Now, this is a pricey endeavor. Shipping one pizza might run you close to $80. But, maybe there’s that one person in your life whose joy upon receiving the gift would be worth the cost.

You can find all of the important details about shipping and timing and such here

Photo by Justine Bursoni

Staff writer

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