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Here are the 2022 artists of The Great ARTdoors

40 North has shared the list of artists and locations for The Great ARTdoors 2022. The following information comes directly from that news release.

Vivian Krishnan | Masi in Nature Chief Shemauger Park, Urbana

Jason Rackow | Eye Look Around Victory Park, Urbana

Michael Darin | Unhappy Heater/Sad CalefactorCrystal Lake Park, Urbana 

Sierra Shaw | Moth South Ridge Park, Urbana  

Jason Mack | 1,000 Year Old Flower Lierman Neighborhood Community Garden, Urbana

Gary Keeler | Hardened and Tethered Beardsley Park, Champaign

Carol Alison | Harmony Spire Hedge POP! Park, Champaign

K Hieronymus W | Crash Randolph Street Community Gardens, Champaign 

EKAH | Guardians of MemoriesSkelton Park, Champaign 

Nathan Westerman | Dipole Column Douglass Park, Champaign 

Kathy Micek | Patterns | What’s This? | In the GardenUrbana City Building

The Great ARTdoors is organized by the Spurlock Museum, the Urbana Park District, the Champaign Park District, the Urbana Arts and Culture Program, and 40 North.

Get more information about The Great ARTdoors here, and enjoy a gallery of photos here.

Top image courtesy of 40 North.

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