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Hendrick House Farm is partnering with Dreaam House this summer

Ann Swanson, Director of Hendrick House Farm, connected with Tracey Dace, Executive Director of Dreaam House a few years ago while seeking out opportunities to make the farm a teaching farm. 

Now, the kids of Dreaam House — a local program established to provide academic and social development opportunities for African-American boys — are heading to the farm on a regular basis. According to Swanson, they are hoping to do six workshops this summer in June and July for Dreaam House summer campers, where the kids will spend part of their time helping on the farm, just north of C-U, and part of the time at the teaching kitchen on Killarney Street. The goal is to “expose the children to new and exciting things on a farm, show them how to grow food, identify where food comes from and how to create it at home, building and designing skills and STEM activities. We also have three rescue pet pigs, ducks and chickens which we use to talk about meat fabrication and what each animal’s role is on the farm.

You can read more about Dreaam House here

Photos from Hendrick House Facebook page

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