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Help build the Unreliable Bestiary

Deke Weaver is at it again, and he’s asking the community to help him construct the fourth installment in his lifelong project. BEAR, like his previous chapters, will include performances throughout the year: Fall at Meadowbrook Park, facilitated by KCPA; Winter, a geocaching adventure to be discovered independently; and Spring at the Station Theatre. 
The largest expense appears to be payroll for artists, designers, technicians, and travel expenses for the same. There are also some material costs and marketing expenses (including Kickstarter rewards like thank-you cards, tote bags, and other crafted swag). He’s only looking for $11,000 and as of this post he’s over a quarter of the way there. That may be due in part to the fact that he’s topping the Theatre page of Kickstarter currently. 
Buy local, Kickstart the Unreliable Bestiary. Find out more on its facebook page

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