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Hello, C-U: Atticus, Erin, and Sawyer

Meet Erin and Atticus. They are C-U transplants from Tucson, Arizona. They moved here when Erin was accepted to the U of I graduate program in the Astronomy department. “Where I grew up in Arizona the sky was so clear and so there was a lot of astronomy majors. There is a thriving program [at U of I] too.”

Atticus works for the Illinois Natural History Survey. His focus is on the wonderful water that we enjoy in these parts. With them is their dog, Sawyer, who is 11 years old and sporting the Arizona state flag around his neck. Erin, Atticus, and Sawyer are we’re out Saturday morning because of how beautiful it was. I met them walking through West Side Park. “We are going to Pekara for crepes. I love the roasted veggie,” says Erin. “And I really like the chicken and pesto crepe,” Atticus adds.

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