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Heirship Records announces Record Store Day cassette compilation

Heirship Records just announced an all-local cassette compilation of unreleased songs, Crashing The Heirship, Volume II. A new song stream will be available daily, culminating in the limited release of 100 tapes on Record Store Day, April 18th. See the press release below for more details:

Heirship Records is proud to announce its second volume of CRASHING THE HEIRSHIP. Volume I was released at Pygmalion of 2013. It stands as a fascinating snapshot of the Champaign-Urbana scene at the time; indeed, many of the artists featured on the release are now defunct. In this second volume, two Heirship Records artists who have since moved away are included on the cassette; however the tracks they’ve submitted are from their time here in Champaign-Urbana. In fact, the purpose of the compilation itself is one of discovery—every single recording on this tape is unreleased. Some songs are demos of tunes the twin cities already know; some were recorded specifically for this project.

Here is the link to the compilation.

Whereas volume one of Crashing the Heirship was sequenced as more of a mixtape, a chance to give those visiting C-U an idea of what it is we do here, this second volume is actually programmed in a very specific order—chronologically. These songs will be published as streams during the pre-order phase starting tomorrow, Wednesday March 25, 2015 and culminating in the full release on Record Store Day, Saturday April 18, 2015. Heirship will stream a track per day, slowly revealing these previously-unreleased recordings. Each day we will strive to tell the story of these songs, these recordings.

Here is the list of artists (in chronological order) included on the compilation: Grandkids, Dr Responsible, Single Player, The Fights, Bookmobile!, Swords, The Superior State, We The Animals, Withershins, Terminus Victor, Penny Horses, Marathon, CURB SERVICE, ZXO, Motes, Total Asshole, TheGr8Thinkaz, Euriah, Windmills, BOYCUT, Heel Turn, Tara Terra, The Chemicals, Elsinore, and ACKER.

Many of these artists are signed to Heirship—some even have forthcoming releases: The Chemicals release their latest full-length “A New Language” on CD on Friday April 17, 2015; Motes release their debut full-length “Keep it in the Dark” on CD and LP on Saturday May 23, 2015; Marathon releases its Guitarkestra piece “Sanctuary” on LP in July.

On the release day, 100 cassettes will be released into the world. The lion’s share, 75 cassettes, will be given to the artists involved to distribute as they see fit; 25 copies are the label’s to sell online in the pre-order, or at Exile on Main St if any remain.

In tandem with the announcement of this compilation, the label will have a sale in celebration of all Heirship Records — the discount code “CRASH25” will get supporters 25% off ALL Heirship releases.

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