Smile Politely

Gun Play returns to the Station Theatre tomorrow

This season, the Station Theatre has been hosting a series of dramatic play readings on certain Monday evenings, all centered around the timely and relevant topic of guns in America. Seasoned director and Celebration Company board member Latrelle Bright is responsible for the concept and production of this series, which highlights different aspects and perspectives surrounding the issue. 

Tomorrow, The Gun Play Series presents two more short plays, staged under the direction of Mathew Green, Celebration Company member and Smile Politely alum. 

It’s Only Fair by David Dannenfelser

Featuring: Evan Seggebruch, David Butler, Prince F. Robertson and Cara Maurizi

Map of Chicago by Sally Parsons

Featuring: Prince F. Robertson and Cara Maurizi


$7 at 7 p.m. — The Station Theatre, 223 N. Broadway Ave, Urbana, IL. Tickets available at the door, cash only. 

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