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Goose Island and Triptych collaborate on brew for The Pygmalion Festival 2016

The Pygmalion Festival is just around the corner — introducing a new component FOOD to the mix this year. Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th will mark the weekend for Pygmalion Food (with plenty more festival after that), and with strong relationships between Goose Island Brewing and Triptych Brewing, this year marks the first collaboration brew between those two, which will be available at the festival this year.

Plus, a really great tip of the cap to Curtis Orchard.

Don’t worry, there will be another Pygmalion Pilsner and info about that, plus a full menu for Pygmalion FOOD, very soon.

Goose Island + Triptych Collaboration Beer

5.5 ABV

Our two favorite breweries got together to brew this Belgian inspired beer at Triptych’s facility in Savoy. Brewed upon a base of pale European malt and rye, fermented with Goose Island’s Sophie yeast, and finished with a few hundred gallons of Curtis Orchard apple cider, the beautifully, crushable result is a cloudy blonde colored ale with a crisp, dry finish and hints of tart apple.

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