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Goonies Never Say Die…at the Art Theater Co-op

Heyyy Youuuu Guuuuuyss!

Richard Donner’s beloved 80s kid adventure The Goonies will start a limited run this Friday, May 24 at the Art Theater Co-op. The first round of showings will be at midnight on Friday and Saturday, with additional showings at 11:30 AM on Sunday the 26th and at 10:00 PM on Thursday, May 30.

This incredibly quotable tale of misfit kids, bumbling criminals, and pirate booty features a recognizable (if pre-stardom) cast, including Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Martha Plimpton, and Corey Feldman. And for a filmmaking pedigree, you can’t do much better than director Richard Donner (Superman), screenwriter Chris Columbus (Gremlins, Home Alone), and producer Steven Spielberg (E.T., Jurassic Park). 

There is sure to be plenty of audience interaction with this very 80s but somehow timeless tale, so be sure to arrive early, get some caffeine in you, and enjoy yourself.

Check out the Art Theater Co-op website for more details, and relive the retro awesomeness of the Cyndi Lauper theme song here. See this film before someone turns it into a sandtrap…and never get their balls out.

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