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Go Green at the Sweetcorn Festival

Corny here! I wanted to stop by and express how important recycling is to me and the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival. Did you know that last year, we composted about 15 cubic yards of corn? That’s about 15 small pick-up trucks. Recycling your plastic beer cups is also important to the earth. I don’t get to drink beer at the festival, but I make sure I recycle my Pepsi and water bottles. Last year, 870 pounds of cardboard/paper, beverage cups, cans and bottles were collected to be recycled. I hope we recycle even more this year!

I like to spend a lot of my time at Green Alley, which is located on Broadway Street during Sweetcorn Festival. Sometimes I take the MTD bus to the festival, but this year I am going to ride my bike. Because if I ride my bike, I get a FREE ear of corn from Champaign County Bikes. The MTD’s Hybrid bus will be down Green Alley with the recycling tent. Be sure to stop by there, I hear they have some fun games!

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