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Get some meat or fish for grilling from Hamilton Walker’s

When restaurants closed for in person dining back in March 2020, Hamilton Walker’s created their own online butcher shop, selling the cuts of meat and fish that they use to create their delicious dishes. It’s something they are continuing to do, even though you can now go in and enjoy the restaurant. 

I haven’t tried all of the options, but I can vouch for the quality of the beef. They source it from a farm in Tama, Iowa. My spouse grew up near Tama, so we know about Iowa beef. My very favorite thing to order at HW is their steakhouse burger, so last spring we purchased a four pack of the patties and grilled them at home. My 14 year old still talks about that burger. Of course I love it when the folks at HW cook it up and serve it to me, but wow it was awfully good coming off our grill. 

You can purchase the steak burgers, filets, top sirloin, ribeyes, bacon, Atlantic salmon, or whole beef tenderloin. Place your order online, then you can pick up curbside.

Top photo from Hamilton Walker’s Facebook page.

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