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Get ‘em early: jaywalker conversion

It’s a little unsettling to be able to breeze down Green St. for two months without having to slam brakes and dodge random students who find new and creative places and ways to cross. Sometimes I feel like summer break is just an elaborate ploy to ease us into a false sense of security. 

For those of us who worry that one day this game of car-and-mouse may end when every single jaywalking possibility has been changed into a legal crosswalk —never fear— new students are here. They’re just cutting their teeth on Illinois St. before moving up to the big leagues. 

Despite there being crosswalks within a half block on either side of this driveway, and people wearing orange “Staff” t-shirts to direct them to their legal options, most new arrivals and their families have gotten into the University of Illinois spirit by taking the most direct route to the sidewalk, and missing the breathtaking view of the landmark gateway and fountain. More’s the pity for them, but 50 points for me! 

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