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Gear up for gardening season at Common Ground

In the wee hours of March 3, 2015 we had a nice dose of mid-winter weather. An ice storm that reduced bus activity for students and caused regular folks to curse Mother Nature as they chopped and hacked at the 1/8th of an inch of ice off of our cars.

That was terrible.

The thing is, is that this weather is going to be over soon. Seriously! We’ve endured snow and cold for a handful of months now, and truthfully spring is near. That old saying of April showers and May flowers and all of that. That’s coming up quicker than you may think.

With those rain showers and the impending sunshine comes the opportunity to put together a garden. A little word from the wise, though. If you want your garden to be good and useful, you need to start planning it now. Despite the snow and ice and all of the things that would prevent you from actually planting things, you’ve got to set your brain to be prepared.

Thankfully, Common Ground Food Co-op can help you get your mind right and ready for gardening season.

This Sunday, from 1-2 p.m., you can take a class that will teach you how to save money by starting your garden from seed. The class is led by Carey Smith, a former coordinator of Food Not Lawns!, and a current community educator.

It’s just an hour, but if you want to start prepping for a great garden, it’ll be worth your while. It costs $5 or $8 depending on whether or not you’re an owner at Common Ground and you can sign up right here.

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