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Flying Machine Coffee’s flight nights, and some beer

Here at Flying Machine Coffee, we love our brewing methods. Tasting the same coffee brewed through a Chemex vs. Aeropress will show you different things. And we really like getting to know our coffee, so we can help you know it better too. 

But when it comes down to our favorite method, and in our opinion, the best way to taste coffee. We stick with the standard pour over. Its easy, fast, and provides all you need to be introduced to a new coffee. This is how we prepaired our “flights.” 

If you remember, on our opening menu and well into winter we had the “flight” option where you and some friends could get a taste of all the coffees on our handcraft menu. This proved to be a little burdonsome on our smaller staff and limited space. BUT starting in September, on the 3rd Sunday of every month we will be offering two tasting sessions “Flight Night.” It will include a sample of all the coffees, some discussion, flavor/aroma pairings, and something special. It will run you about $10 and last about an hour. There will be a sign up sheet towards the end of this month and space will be limited to 12 people per session. See you there!

Oh yeah, we also like beer. And we just made one teaming up with our fine neighbors at Crane Alley and a little more distant neighbors JT Walker’s. It shall be called Crane Machine! It will be a coffee infused porter. And it should be on tap over at Crane next week. Lets have some beers dudes!!!

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