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First Gig Rock N’ Roll Camp coming to Parkland College

One of the coolest things in the world is getting to play in a band. There’s something special about sharing your creativity in unison with others. Learning to play an instrument as a young person is something that I didn’t get the chance to do. I wasn’t really interested in it, and it’s something that I regretted as I got older and went to college and my friends were jamming.

I think part of the reason I didn’t get in to playing music at a younger age had to do with the fact that there weren’t really any rock n roll camps for me to attend in my area. If there was a week camp that I could have attended in the summer time to learn how to be in a band, I think I may have jumped at the opportunity.

Awesomely, Parkland College is bringing First Gig Rock N’ Roll Camp for Kids to the school July 20-25th for kids and teens.

First Gig is a six day camp that helps kids hone their musical chops and sets them up with a chance to play a live set with their band. You can grab all of the details for how to sign up here.

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