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Fall coffee flavors at Columbia Street Roastery are the best

When I order up my coffee fix from Columbia Street Roastery, I have a few year-round staples that put in the cart, but I also like to throw a couple of seasonal offerings in there as well.

Well, now it’s fall. And that means my latest CSR order consisted of all seasonal flavors, because obviously fall coffee flavors are the best. I’ll skip the PSL and brew up some Pumpkin Pie coffee at home thank you very much. They’ve added a few new flavors this year, including Pumpkin Pistachio and Maple Bacon Donut. Yes, Maple Bacon Donut. 

It’s really easy to order coffee right now. Just place your order through the website, and you can roll up curbside, call the store, and they will bring it out to you. They also offering shipping; it’s free if you spend at least $36. 

Photo by Julie McClure.

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