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Exquisite Trio collaborative art project launches September 19th

Artists Kim Caisse, Lydia Puddicombe, and EKAH will launch the first installment of Exquisite Trio, a multi-part collaborative project, with an online exhibition of black-and-white, ink drawings on September 19th, from 2 to 5:30 p.m.

The artists’ statement shares “the three artists have become friends in the past several years and are mutual admirers of each other’s art, and all three have affinity for dreamy creatures. The commitment to the project began before the shelter-in-place was in place. Serendipitously, collaborating on an Exquisite Corpse game seemed like a logical step in the time of social distancing and after the cancellations of all seasonal art festivals.”

For more details and the event link, stay tuned to this Facebook page

Top image from Facebook

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