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Espresso Royale is headed back to Daniel Street

It was a crushing blow to a lot of folks, myself included, to see the Espresso Royale at the corner of Sixth and Daniel have to close in 2019. It was demolished along with the rest of the block to make way for a new development of commercial space, apartments, and University offices. 

But Espresso fans can rejoice! There will be a new cafe opening at 604 E. Daniel Street, just east of the former location. Work is happening in the space, and it’s expected to open sometime in early fall. You can expect the Espresso Royale menu you’re familiar with from the other locations, and there will be some bar seating and nitro cold brew on tap.

Stay tuned for an official opening date, and be sure to read Alyssa’s interview with owner Douglas McCarver about how Café Kopi kept Espresso Royale in business. 

Top photo provided by Victor Cronenberg. 

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