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Espresso Royale has green energy drinks for an afternoon pick-me-up

I don’t like to drink straight up coffee in the afternoon; noon is kind of my threshold. However, there are some afternoons where a little caffeine boost is necessary, and I’m not a soda person. 

Yesterday I tried one of Espresso Royale’s green energy drinks, the Lavendar Lemon Buzz, that has lemonade, a bit of lavendar flavoring, and a shot of green coffee. They also have a Peachy Buzz, which is a peach Italian soda with the green coffee. If you’re not familiar, green coffee beans are raw, unroasted beans. They still have caffeine, and apparently antioxidants as well. 

The Lavendar Lemon Buzz was light and refreshing, with a hint of earthy coffee taste. I found these drinks on the menu at the Village Green location, which has online ordering as well as inside ordering. They also have a lovely patio area. 

Espresso Royale Village Green
2401 Village Green Place
M-Su 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Top photo by Julie McClure.

Staff writer

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