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Espresso Royale debuts three different kinds of cold brew

As the weather gets warmer, but our reliance on coffee remains, you may soon find yourself craving some cold coffee as opposed to the standard, warm variety. That’s where Espresso Royale comes in, offering not one, not two, but three different forms of cold brew available from now on: House Blend, Green Coffee (which combines Green Tea and Coffee), and Single Origin.

For more info on the new choices, here’s what Espresso had to say:

Espresso has introduced two new cold brews in addition to our house cold brew. If you aren’t familiar, cold brews steep for about 16 hours and produce a much smoother and less acidic coffee, with a higher caffeine content, perfect for warm summer days.

Our house cold brew has an almost chocolatey flavor. The two new cold brews are an organic fair trade Single Origin, which can vary by day and location. Peruvian and Guatemalan are two of my favorites. They have a sweeter finish than our house.

The third cold brew is a blend of Green Coffee (that’s unroasted, ground, green coffee beans) and a variety of herbal green teas such as peppermint, echinacea, lemon, and a few others. It is quite refreshing and gives a nice boost of energy.

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