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Enjoy the weather at Cowboy Monkey’s reopened beer garden

The 10 day forecast. Weeks ago it seemed like highs in the upper 40’s were warm and the low didn’t touch 32 we’d be thrilled. The slushy streets and grey landscapes were trying both mentally and physically.

Today, if you look at that same forecast the highs are in the 60’s and 70’s. Springtime is here and with it comes a hodgepodge of wind, precipitation, and finally, sunshine. The warmth is obviously welcome and it leads to the inevitable wonderment of outdoor drinking and eating.

Champaign has no shortage of places to go to hop outside and have a cold beverage after work or a snack during the day when the sun is shining. Some places have tables available even when the weather isn’t ideal for lengthy stays.

With that said, though, there’s one spot that seems to open outside a little bit later than everywhere else — Cowboy Monkey. When Cowboy Monkey finally opens it’s a signal that ahead, there are months of weather suitable for humans to sit outside and relax. It’s a middle finger in the rearview mirror directed at Old Man Winter and a thumbs up to Helios and Dionysus.

Cowboy Monkey is now open. Spring is in swing. Summer is on the horizon. It’s time to get ready to sit outside in the iconic beer garden with friends while imbibing and snacking on an updated menu.

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