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Elsinore releases teaser for new record, tour dates

Elsinore has been hard at work over about the last year or so working on their follow up to Yes Yes Yestheir locally-acclaimed debut from a few years back. Three years ago that was! Madness. Anyway, the band has released some tour dates and a teaser for the new record. No word as to when it will be out, but it’s looking more and more like we’ll be hearing some new Elsinore tunes in the summertime. You can also hear more about the process here.

Here’s the message from the band (I’ve bolded the Champaign dates):

Friends & Supporters…

We hope you’re feeling the itch of Spring and of course that you’re ready to schedule a night where we get to see each other! We’ve made that second part easy…because we love you. We’ve been hard at work since finishing all of the recording for the new record, and we’ve confirmed a month’s worth of weekend shows around the Midwest to debut the new Elsinore lineup (James Treichler – drums / Brad Threlkeld – bass). May will be full of some really great shows; our first since the new guys joined and since recording the new record at Pogo with Beau Sorenson (

Right now we’re just waiting to sign off on the final mastering of the record. Then, we’ll dive straight into finding a home for the record in terms of a label, publicity, etc. We’ve put together this teaser video to give you juuuuuuuuuuuuust a few little snippets of the new record and the whole recording process. Something to put it in your ears so you’ll keep telling other people about us and our music…

This also means that we’ll wait just a bit longer before talking more about its release. BUT, that’s why we’ve filled May with these shows!

/ / / Here’s where & when we’ll be in May:

Thursday, May 2: St. Louis, MO
The Firebird
2706 Olive Street, St Louis, MO (United States) – Map – GET TICKETS
w/ Union Tree Review & Scarlet Tanager

Friday, May 3: Champaign, IL
Cowboy Monkey
6 E Taylor St., Champaign, IL (United States) – Map – GET TICKETS
w/ Grandkids & Minor Characters

Saturday, May 4: Champaign, IL
Mike ‘N’ Molly’s
105 North Market Street, Champaign, IL (United States) – Map – GET TICKETS
w/ Common Loon & KO

Thursday, May 9: Madison, WI
Dragonfly Lounge
401 E. WASHINGTON AVE, Madison, WI, Madison, WI (United States) – Map 
w/ Minor Characters, Pushmi-Pullyu, & Fluorescent Pig

Friday, May 10: Chicago, IL
2011 W North Ave., Chicago, IL (United States) – Map – GET TICKETS
w/ Minor Characters & Brother George

Friday, May 17: Lafayette, IN
Foam City
407 N Third St, Lafayette, IN (United States) – Map
w/ Faux Paw & Earthgrazer

Saturday, May 18: Indianapolis, IN
Do317 Lounge
1043 Virginia Ave, Suite 215, Indianapolis, IN (United States) – Map – GET TICKETS
w/ KO & TBA

We can’t wait for you to hear the new songs, the new band, the new everything. Keep safe & happy, and we hope to see you in May!

(Ryan, Mark, James, & Brad)

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