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Dragon Dance to perform during halftime of Georgetown-Ridge/Bismark basketball game

Dragon Dance
500 W. Mulberry St. Georgetown, Illinois 61846
Phone – 312.208.8840

Contact: Nate Hartmann
Phone: 312.208.8840

Dragon Dance to perform during halftime of the varsity basketball game between Georgetown-Ridge Farm Buffaloes and Bismarck High School. Dragon Dance is a traditional Chinese sport, combining traditional Chinese culture with fun, engaging activities for students of all ages. Support by Lisa L. Gocken, Principal of Mary Miller Junior High, Assistant Superintendent Georgetown-Ridge Farm CUD#4 and taught by a group of Chinese scholars, who are visiting Professor Weimo Zhu’s lab at the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Dragon Dance was recently introduced to the physical education classes at the Mary Miller Junior High.

On Tuesday, February 3rd at Georgetown-Ridge Farm High school, a group of Mary Miller Junior High students will perform Dragon Dance during halftime of the Varsity Basketball game. The performance can be expected to begin around 7:30 p.m.
It will also be “Junior High Night” during the game, so other activities by the junior high students will also be displayed. The high school is located just south of the junior high on a shared campus. The address is 500 W. Mulberry St. in Georgetown, Illinois.

Dragon Dance is a program that focuses on the movement and exercise aspect of traditional Chinese Dragon Dance, while also allowing students to learn more about Chinese culture and fight childhood obesity with lots of fun.

China is the birthplace of Dragon Dance movement.  Dragon Dance has been experienced and loved by people from around the world.   Chinese Dragon Dance has experienced a surge in popularity across the world during the past decade, with many countries and regions of Southeast Asia dedicating sporting contests to it. 

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