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Don’t forget, you can have Habitat for Humanity volunteers wrap your gifts

If you’re on the Twitter, you’ve probably seen this video multiple times in your feed:

I watched it like 10 tens in a row while simultaneously recalling every single instance where I’ve cut a dumb strip of wrapping paper to fill that gap because I am too lazy to measure. 

Want to avoid dealing with gift wrapping altogether? Don’t forget that you can let Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County do it all for you. They are set up in two spots at the mall, near Macy’s and also near H&M, and will be there through Christmas Eve. Which is good, because with Thanksgiving being so late we are all still scrambling, right?

Be sure to give them a nice donation for their hard work, and also just because it will be supporting an amazing organization. Check out their Facebook event for info about hours. And if you just love wrapping presents, they could still use a few volunteers. You can sign up here

Photo from Facebook event page

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