Smile Politely

Don’t dump things at ReStore while they are closed, people

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore on University Avenue is closed for the duration of this statewide shutdown of non-essential businesses to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

While it is sad to see, it appears that some community members need reminding that it is not cool to leave things at their doorstep while they are closed. ReStore posted this on their Facebook page, reminding everyone that dumping items for them to deal with is not permitted. They don’t have the staff to alleviate this issue, and certainly someone might think they are helping ReStore by donating their items, this is not helpful as the store has to pay to have this stuff removed now.

Here’s their post, and we are here to remind you of the value of a place like Habitat for Humanity, so please respect their business:

Top photo from Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s Facebook page.

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