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Donate your skateboard parts to support C-U skaters

No Board Left Behind CU is a “community maintained, open donation basket” at Spalding Skatepark where local skaters can find refurbished skateboards to use. They are hosting a Spring Cleaning Skateboard Drive to collect used, broken, and spare skateboard parts. From the press release:

“Chipped boards, old bearings, ancient trucks, dirty wheels, everything will get
fixed up and donated back to the basket, to be distributed to skaters in the community.

If you have any skate supplies sitting around, collecting dust, we can put them into the hands of a local skater, helping to promote the accessibility and sustainability of the sport.”

Supplies can be left in the basket at 711 N Elm St, and it’s helpful if you place them in a plastic bag and make sure it’s a day free of precipitation before you drop them off. The basket is typically checked in the morning. 

There are some really cool things happening in this community. 

Top photo by Brian Dunn.

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