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Diplo, Chiddy Bang & AXE One Night Only Tour at Canopy Tomorrow

If you’ve been around U of I’s campus today, you might have run into some AXE promotions crews. Famed DJ/producer Diplo & hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang are currently part of the “AXE One Night Only” Tour and the show is tomorrow. So, this is your official heads up.

Although this tour was revealed a week or so ago (and dubbed “the most ridiculous, insane, mind-blowing, mind-exploding party ever seen”), the show was just announced today. It takes place at Canopy Club tomorrow night and you can get tickets around C-U for free, although they are mostly available on campus.

The tour is in Madison, WI tonight, and makes its next college stop in Urbana. Check out more information over at Canopy’s listing for the show, but if you’re looking for tickets, a good place to keep your eye on is the @AXE Twitter feed.


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