Smile Politely

Did you know you can write for Smile Politely?

Yes, you…the person who is reading this Splog. Smile Politely is and always has been a community magazine, and the articles that you read week to week are written by community members just like you. Some of them have a writing background, many don’t. 

If you call C-U (or near C-U) home, and you’d like to engage with the community and share your thoughts, then you can write for us. Are you a student? You can write for us too! 

We are looking for writers across all of the sections: Arts, Culture, Food & Drink, and Music. Each is a little different in terms of what it requires of a writer. You can follow the links to get an idea of what each section is all about. Writers receive a modest, paid honorarium for each article.

If you’re interested, send us an email at and let us know who you are and what section(s) you might be interested in writing for. If you’ve got specific pitches, great! We’d love to hear those too.

Top photo by Jack Pompe.

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