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Destihl allegedly will not reopen; new restaurant at The Fields on hold “indefinitely”

Earlier tonight we were alerted by two different employees, who wish to remain anonymous because of future job prospects, the news that Destihl, a restaurant and brewery in Downtown Champaign, will allegedly not reopen, and that their new space at The Fields is “on hold indefinitely.” It was scheduled to open this summer at an undisclosed time

This is very sad to report, as we’ve enjoyed eating there over the past decade, and enjoyed reporting on their food and beers. In particular, we thought their desserts were outstanding.

Here is a memo from the company showcasing the latest; we’ve removed the author’s name out of respect to their position in the company: 

IMAGE: A screenshot of a text message thread.

Earlier this evening, searches on Facebook and on their website came up without results for a Champaign location. 

Additionally, when we search Google it now shows that the restaurant is listed as Permanently Closed: 

IMAGE: A screenshot of a Google search for
Photo/screenshot from Google.

We reached out to Anna Sutton, the Director of Restaurant Operations, for more information and will update the article if we get a response.

We’re hopeful that once things change, the Fields location will move forward as planned

The implications of this are deeply troubling, as both the health of our community and the economy due to the stay at home order due to the COVID-19, continues to take its toll.

We remind you tonight that now is the time to keep safe, to stay at home whenever possible as directed by the medical and scientific communities, and to be as supportive of your local economy as you are able to be. 

This is a developing story and will update as information is provided.

Top photo from Destihl’s Facebook page.

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