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Designers & artists: your art can help a kid!

The annual Pens to Lens gala is one month from today, and CUDO is looking for any local artists or designers to help make movie posters for the over 200 submissions

Pens to Lens uses local filmmakers to make professional-quality films from scripts submitted by schoolchildren… and every movie needs a poster. As a festival attendee, I can say that walking around the Virginia and browsing these posters is a big draw: it makes me excited to see the film, it reminds me how awesome the artists in town are, and the kids loose their…stuff…when they get to take home a copy. 

It’s also a great opportunity for artists to work on some of the most creative and imaginative material ever: the inside of the brains of kids 5-18. Past films have featured: baseball teams filled with farm animals, robots who exist solely to get their feelings hurt, and creepy stuffed animal serial-killers. When you register to create a poster (or three), you can choose which film you want to take on (first-come, first-serve), and no matter what you turn in, the client will be the most appreciative and expressive in your life. 

If this sounds like a dream opportunity, read this CUDO blog post and follow the instructions. The deadline is August 1st, and it is open to anyone, not just CUDO members. 

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