Smile Politely

Delta Chi Fraternity celebrates Homecoming like savages

I hope the kids at Delta Chi who painted and displayed this last weekend feel super about themselves. And by super, I mean a superiority over the Native American population that doesn’t hardly exist on this campus.

Next time, please feel free to paint and display a caricature of a Jew or an African-American ripping apart a Hawkeye or a Badger. I am sure they will come on by to help you celebrate. 

Just make sure that when you paint the Jews, you get the size of their noses proportionate to their faces. That’s super important. Don’t blow it, fellas! 

Publisher’s Note: In case it needs clarification, the above statement in the final paragraph is intended to be satire / parody in order to better illustrate the similarity between someone drawing a caricature of a Native American and a Jewish person. The magazine’s position on the issue of Native American or human cultural mascots depicted by former oppressors is steadfast: we are appalled by its use and believe it to be dangerous for our society. Despite the fact that we believe strongly in our readership and its ability to discern this sort of thing, we wanted to make that abundantly clear, as this article has gotten a bit of traffic from beyond our regular readership. Any questions, you can find us at 

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