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CU Adventures launched a new online game

Like most businesses, Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space has had to get creative to keep customers engaged while also dealing with a global pandemic. In the spring they launched their first “at home” game, a version of their long running escape room The Lost Temple. Now you have another at-home option: Floor 13. From their website:

You’re trapped in your office building after-hours, and you stumble into a place that shouldn’t exist. Discover the secrets of Floor 13 and escape the building…if you can! Discover clues, piece together login codes, and go face to face with a haunted computer. Solve the challenges of this slightly spooky escape room from the comfort of home!

Use a blend of digital documents, print-and-play elements, audio, and more in this immersive cooperative game.

There are two options, depending on your printing capabilities: Digital + Print and Play, where you print or download a paperless version, or We Print, You Play, where they send you the printed materials.

With one purchase an unlimited number of players can join you. If you want to play with people not in your household, there’s a “companion mode” where you can work together while on a video chat. 

Find out more at their website.

Image from Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space Facebook page. 

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