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Cowboy Monkey under new ownership

In a strange turn of events and perhaps the feel good story of the year, an old favorite in town will have a new look under new ownership.

Nieto Enterprises has decided to hand over the reigns of the downtown Champaign bar to longtime foes and online sparring partners, Todd Hunter and Seth Fein, who writes for Smile Politely.

Said Fein and Hunter in a joint statement: “It’s time to let bygones by bygones. The day of the three dollar show has returned. Now that Ward Gollings has decided to go full time as DJ Nachos Bell Grande, we decided that 2009 would be the year that we turned the “collapse” into success.”

Nieto Enterprises couldn’t be reached for comment but neighborhood bar owner Mike Murphy at Mike N’ Molly’s grumbled: “Watch it burn, baby, watch it burn!”

Happy April Fool’s Day from Smile Politely.

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