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Courier Cafe and Silvercreek going up for sale

According to The News-Gazette‘s interview with Allen Strong, longtime owner of Urbana’s Courier Cafe and Silvercreek restaurants, both restaurants will be up for sale soon. Check it:

URBANA — After about 45 years of serving food — everything from ice cream sodas and deli sandwiches then to chicken saltimbocca and pan seared duck breast today — restaurateur Allen Strong says he wants to do something else.

He wants to get out of the food business and is looking for someone to take over his two restaurants (Silvercreek, Courier Cafe) about two blocks apart on Race Street in Urbana.

“I can’t do it forever and at some point — before your health starts to go — you’ve got to figure out something. And (wife) Nancy, she’s desperate to travel and do other things, and we’ve both worked hard all of our lives and we just feel it’s time to let somebody else take over the reins, if there is anybody,” said Strong, who turns 64 later this month. “There may not be anybody who’s interested. Who knows?”

Do yourself a favor and read the entire article, pretty interesting stuff. We’ll see what happens in the near future.

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