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County Board District 4: Kellie Lee Mansfield vs. Brad Passalacqua

About the County Board:

The County Board is the central legislative body of our Champaign County government. There are 11 districts, and two board members elected to each district. The County Board makes decisions about how the county’s money is spent; money that comes from your tax dollars. They also have oversight of county offices, as well as facilities and roads. They work with the County Executive to appoint positions throughout county government.

District 4 encompasses regions of Champaign, Tolono, Sadorus, and Pesotum (view the map here). Bradley Clemmons’ term ends this November and he is not seeking re-election. As a result, there is a seat available alongside Jim McGuire (whose term ends in 2022). Democrat Kellie Lee Mansfield is running against Republican Brad Passalacqua.

About Kellie Lee Mansfield:

Mansfield has been a resident of Champaign County since 2012, after moving here from the Chicago suburbs. She’s held positions at U of I and Parkland College, and currently works for the special needs community. She has pushed a progressive platform, focusing on wage gaps, homelessness and food insecurity, prison and police reform, consolidation of conty jails, and more.

From Mansfield’s Facebook page:

I back Community-Funded Programs to assist our residents with housing, health, education and the re-entry programs (First Followers). I am for tearing down the downtown jail; I have taken a tour and it is not a safe environment for staff or inmates. We need to have less beds in the Satellite jail; which needs major updates to be a safer environment for violent and repeat offenders. Non Violent residents should be able to wait for their court dates at their homes so they can continue to go to work or school; and not disrupt their normal routine of the family responsibilities. Redistribution of tax money from the Police to Community-Funded programs to assist in building trust/friendship between the Police and our residents.

About Brad Passalacqua:

Lifelong resident of Champaign County, Passalacqua graduated from Champaign Centennial, further graduating from Parkland College and Eastern Illinois University. He operates a family-owned roofing company that’s been in business for over 60 years. He previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

I am proud to say the current Champaign County Board Republican Caucus supports me in fulfilling this vacancy as I, too, oppose Home Rule and defunding law enforcement. I am also confident in my ability to make fair, fiscally responsible decisions regarding Champaign’s land and equally as important, your tax dollars.
Here is their recent Candidate Forum, hosted by the League of Women Voters, NAACP of Champaign County, The News-Gazette, and WILL.
Photos from (l) Kellie Lee Mansfield for County Board Facebook page, and (r) Brad Passalacqua’s Facebook page.

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