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County Board District 3: Stanley Harper vs. Beau Barber

About the County Board:

The County Board is the central legislative body of our Champaign County government. There are 11 districts, and two board members elected to each district. The County Board makes decisions about how the county’s money is spent; money that comes from your tax dollars. They also have oversight of county offices, as well as facilities and roads. They work with the County Executive to appoint positions throughout county government.

County Board’s 3rd District is currently represented by Aaron Esry and Stanley Harper. Harper’s term is up this November, so he’s running for re-election as the Republican incumbant. Democrat Beau Barber is the challenger.

About Stanley Harper:

Harper ran unopposed in 2016 and 2012 for this seat on the County Board. He’s a self-employed farmer who spent 21 years on the Prairieview-Ogden School board, 15 of which were as the board president.

While there isn’t a ton of information out there about Harper’s stances, you can read his interview with The News-Gazette which should inform you on some of his stances.

About Beau Barber:

Barber is from St. Joseph and went to the University of Illinois and Parkland College. 

Here’s a good summary of Barber’s political views per his interview with N-G:

Here is an outline of my political views: If someone fights for human rights, I will side with them. If they fight for workplace dignity, I will side with them. If someone fights against corruption, I will side with them. I believe that Democrats are often, but not always, in agreement on these issues. Governance should not be determined by social pressures in one’s own party. Bipartisan silence, inaction, and lack of willingness to stand up for issues that matter is why people suffer. This is why we deserve better than a Republican or Democrat. To get to a position capable of creating change, we have to organize in spaces that prioritize human rights over political comfort.

Top image (l) of Stanley Harper from Champaign County Board’s website and (r) of Beau Barber from his campaign’s Facebook page.

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