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Concerned about the Coronavirus? Pay attention to C-U Public Health District

It’s all over the news, every day, and it’s only natural to feel a little panicky. However, we have an amazing information provider in C-U in the Champaign-Urbana Health District. It’s their job to know the facts and disseminate that information to the community.

They’ve established an email address,, that you can use to send any questions that you have, and they are continually posting updates on their website and Facebook page

One thing they do want you to know, is that a bigger concern in C-U is influenza. We’re in the thick of flu season, so please do all of the hand-washing, sneezing and coughing into your sleeve, and for the love stay home when you’re sick. And, get your flu shot if you haven’t yet done so.

Top image: The front of a beige and reddish brown building. It says Champaign-Urbana Public Health District across the top. There is a set of stairs to the right, and a plant bed in front of the building. Photo from CUPHD Facebook page.

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